We apply robust industry expertise in the delivery of outstanding property management service.

Portfolio and Property Management


  • Technology lead rent monitoring and collection services
  • Client income distribution management
  • Operating expense management, budget setting and bill payments
  • Rent reviews
  • Monthly client reporting
  • Assistance and reporting for professional accountants
  • GST payment reports


  • Renewal negotiations
  • Future planning with regular client collaboration
  • Re-leasing assistance
  • Fostering strong landlord tenant relationships
  • Regular inspections
  • Arbitration and recovery action


  • Preventative and planned maintenance
  • Efficient building compliance procedures
  • Health and safety protocols
  • Urgent repairs
  • Strong contractor relationships and best-price efficiencies

Consultancy or co-investment: applied expertise in property investment


  • Experienced track record of efficient opportunity identification
  • Experienced price negotiators
  • Full and complete purchase management from company setup through settlement
  • Strong, long-lasting and favourable banking relationships
  • A profit incentivised fee structure with no up-front fees

Due Dilligence

  • Collection and analysis of all material documentation related to the property and ensuring all agreed terms are being met and delivered upon
  • Risk and up-side identification
  • Direct tenant meetings and questioning
  • Assessing all aspects of asset quality and any hidden capital costs
  • Title and LIM analysis
  • Building Act compliance
  • In-depth macro and micro market knowledge and research
  • Ongoing post-acquisition analysis and forward planning

Financial Advisory

  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Capital expense planning
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Budget controls
  • Legal and financial purchase framework setup and control

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